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Power Steering Pumps

Nothing throws you for a loop like going to turn and having the steering wheel fight you! At low speeds it’s an annoyance, but at high speeds? Steering problems can be incredibly dangerous! When you wheel gets too loose or too tight, bring it into our mechanics. Maintain the ability to maneuver Whether it’s the power steering going out or trouble with the steering sectors, our experienced mechanics can make sure you have complete control of your rig. One moment of being out of control is one moment too many! Power steering pumps from top manufacturers:
• Eaton
• Vickers
• Saginaw
Get steering sectors repairs:
• Ross
• Saginaw
• Shepard
You’re in the driver’s seat for a reason - Stop by American Shifty Corporation today at 2101 E Broadway right here in North Little Rock for complete steering repair service.
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